Applications: crop monitoring and smart sampling/zonation of your block

Biomass production [kg / ha]

The amount of dry matter that grows each week. Biomass production is the main indicator for you as a farmer to monitor crop performance. Biomass production refers to the growth of total living plant material above and below the ground (such as stems, leaves, roots, fruits and grains). Biomass production on the FruitLook website does not reflect the total biomass of the crop, but the weekly gain in biomass. The parameter layers of biomass production show where and when your crop is growing as expected, and where growth is vigorous (important in vineyards) or below average (e.g. as a result of diseases). You can find more information on using the Biomass Production in the February 2015 newsletter.

Leaf Area Index (LAI) [-]

The LAI is the total live canopy leaf surface area of vegetation divided by the surface area of the land on which the vegetation grows. LAI is an indicator of the amount of leaf surface as well as how densely a crop grows or how much foliage there is on the plants.

Vegetation Index (NDVI) [-]

The indicator for the vitality of your crop. A high index means a healthy and strong growing vegetation. This index does not say how much biomass there is created. Therefor you use the biomass production parameter. You can find more information on using the Vegetation Index in the January 2015 newsletter.

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