Agricultural organisations on FruitLook

FruitLook provides information on various components which can help improve your farm management. If you want specialized, local advice on how to interpret the FruitLook data you can consider approaching one of the consultancy firms listed below. These consultancy firms are proven users of FruitLook and provide advice based on the FruitLook data components within their field of specialism.

At FruitLook we are continuously searching for parties which have new developed applications based on the service. If you are willing to share your progress, please contact us at


Prophyta provides consultancy services on deciduous fruits, with a special focus on apples, pears and stone fruit. Their main area of expertise is crop production. Their services include tree nutrition recommendations, soil classification and preparation advice, horticultural/pruning advice and providing general irrigation scheduling guidelines. By taking in account various disciplines, Prophyta developed several uses of the FruitLook data in order to enhance your crop management techniques. These include evaluation of irrigation scheduling and placement of soil moisture probes.

For more information on their services and what they can do for you contact them at


Agrimotion is an agricultural consultancy operating in the fruit industry. Agrimotion's service offering is built on 5 pillars, each specializing on a specific area in fruit production and focused on getting results for their clients. The 5 pillars are: Soil, Horticulture, Irrigation, Remote Sensing and Training. The application of new and relevant technology, like FruitLook, is a key part of their business.

Agrimotion is committed to provide an unbiased and scientific consultancy service to clients through practical and scientific recommendations where their work and their clients' needs become a common goal. For more information please visit