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Seasonal analysis - a small dive into what FruitLook can support you with

There are various ways to use FruitLook data to help you answer questions like, “why are the....
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FruitLook is available for research

We would like to inform you that FruitLook provides data for research, opportunities for....
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Zoom in on your crop

Help us evaluate FruitLook via a questionnaire

Hello FruitLook users! Can you help us? We are running a survey focussing on Water use and FruitLook. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and you even stand a chance to win an R500 Takealot voucher! Please complete the survey by clicking on this link.

The FruitLook service is funded by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. The project is executed by eLEAF from the Netherlands in cooperation with South African partner Blue North.