FruitSupport - Track your block development

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    A healthy block generally shows a homogeneous spatial distribution in growth throughout the season. A sudden increase in heterogeneity can be due to disease, pest, water deficit or other crop development issues which might affect your yield. Based on statistical analysis of the FruitLook dataset FruitSupport will warn you if large in-field variation is detected enabling you to quickly deal with this possible thread. It is your eye in the sky monitoring the well-being of your crop.

    Figure 1: Growth variation in this block is relatively large. This is probably related to insufficient block management or growth incidents (like disease) in the northern section of the block.

    FruitSupport closely monitors growth in your field. An optimally managed field should display a small variation in growth between different parts of the field. In this case crop management is optimal in all parts of the field. When a part of the field shows a significant decrease in growth compared to other parts of the field, FruitSupport will detect this as a significant increase in variation and will warn you via email. An example of such an email can be found HERE.

    Figure 2: FruitSupport keeps track of the spatial variation in growth during the growth season. When the variation suddenly increases FruitSupport will emit a warning email.

    FruitSupport is a new service on FruitLook to better support our subscribers. FruitLook in itself can help you evaluate your crop management and block development in more detail. If you have any feedback or questions on FruitLook or FruitSupport, please contact us via We appreciate your feedback as it will help us improve the service over time.

    FruitSupport - Track your block development
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