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Agricultural organisations on FruitLook

FruitLook provides information on various components which can help improve your farm management.....
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FruitLook selected for World Design Capital: Cape Town 2014

We are proud to announce FruitLook is one of the selected projects on display during World Design....
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Zoom in on your crop

FruitLook 2014-15 season online soon!

The new FruitLook 2014-15 season will start coming October. Your crop's growth, associated water use and nitrogen content will be available for you to evaluate for free! Data of the earlier FruitLook seasons is also still freely available for you to compare and evaluate your crop development per season. Download here a PDF document (2.2 MB) that describes how to use the website.

FruitLook: Use less irrigation water and improve your yield

As a farmer, you are of primary importance. You observe, you decide, and you act. Your decisions are based on your experience and your knowledge.You need accurate and timely information on your crop to take decisions.

With FruitLook you get and innovative, up-to-date service that helps you understand what is happening on your farm on a weekly basis. FruitLook is based on the latest satellite image technologies. The basic package of 9 growth parameters such as the actual evapotranspiration, biomass growth and nitrogen content help you understand where irrigation water and nutrients are required, and how much to apply. FruitLook is available for vineyards and deciduous fruit trees but the technology can be applied at any crop.

FruitLook is a demonstration project showing the ability of satellite observations to assist farmers in their daily farm management. The service is currently freely available so you can assess the benefits for your farm (management). The FruitLook service is funded by the Department of Agriculture: Western Cape. The launch of FruitLook in 2011, as a successor to GrapeLook, was funded by Department of Agriculture: Western Cape with support of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, HortGro and the Integrated Applications Promotion program of the European Space Agency (ESA).

 The project is executed by eLEAF Competence Center (previously WaterWatch BV), the Netherlands, and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), South Africa.