FruitLook tutorials on YouTube

Let us help you to get the most out of your FruitLook data! 

We want to help you understand your data as well as possible, and we are more than willing to be in touch with you. But, do you just want a short and to-the-point tutorial, some explanation of how something works? We have another solution. We have an active YouTube channel with short videos on FruitLook - we have information on how to draw in a field, how to use the biomass production option, and more. We keep on making videos and will make them short so you have access to information whenever you may need it. You can find our channel through this link, if you subscribe you will be updated automatically. 

Next Webinar: 13th of May 2021

In order to support all FruitLook users with their use of the FruitLook data and website, we will be hosting online webinars. These are accessible free of charge for anyone. Let's be productive during the lockdown and get going with remote sensing and precision agriculture! We have decided to make our next upcoming training sessions bilingual. The first training of the month will be in Afrikaans while the second one (mid-month) will be in English. Please make sure of the dates when you register. Different dates can be selected from the drop-down list when completing your registration.

Part 1/3  – Getting Started: This is for beginners who have never been on FruitLook before and would like some help to register fields for the first time. This part is starting at 09:00. Click on the link below for more information and to register.

Part 2/3 – Introduction to FruitLook: For those who already have an account and fields ordered, you can join from here onwards. In this part, the data components and website functionalities will be explained, as well as how the data is produced. This webinar session will start at 10:00. Click on the link below for more information and to register.

Part 3/3 – Website functionality and data analysis
For the users already well accustomed to this tool, you can choose to only join at this part, at 11:00. Please click on the link below to find out what we will be presenting in this part and to register for it.

We will be presenting these training sessions on a biweekly basis so you can choose during registration the date that suits you well. This is perfect for those who don’t have 3 full hours to spread it out over 6 weeks.

The dates are as follows:
May 13th - English
May 27th - English

This is also an ideal opportunity for those who live far away from where we usually have our training sessions to learn more on remote sensing and how to use our data and the FruitLook website, so feel free to help us spread the word to the whole Western Cape by forwarding this email to other farmers whom you think might be interested! 
Thank you for your continued support and we hope you will find the online training useful!
The FruitLook team

FruitLook on Die Kwik Styg

November 23, 2018 -  Caren Jarmain of FruitLook was on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG: 104 FM) on Friday morning 23 November as part of Die Kwik Styg. Do you want to hear how you can benefit from FruitLook? You can listen to the program via this LINK.

FruitLook improves farm water management

September 20, 2018 - During the last months of 2017 via SurveyMonkey a survey was taken investigating what kind of user FruitLook attracts. The results show 73.9% of the visitor consider themselves a farmer, 12.3% consultant, 6.8% a scientist and 7.1% a student.

From January 2018 a new survey was made available on the website, to investigate how users have benefitted from using the FruitLook service. Over 71% of the respondents indicate they have improved their water management due to FruitLook. Additionally, users became better aware of crop development throughout the season (57%). More than 30% of the respondents to the survey indicate they gained more insight in how blocks compare to each other in terms of growth and water use, improved their uniformity of blocks, detected/solved growth issues in the midst of the season and increased their yield.

Both surveys provide indications that FruitLook is doing what it is supposed to do, namely supporting the agricultural industry in becoming more (water) efficient. The service is mainly used by farmers, who are the main target group of FruitLook. Farmers use FruitLook in various ways, but the one outstanding achievement is FruitLook helps them to improve their water management.

FruitLook featured on Al Jazeera's earthrise

June 21, 2017 -  FruitLook has been covered in Al Jazeera’s award-winning earthrise series. This episode focuses on coping strategies for the ongoing drought in South Africa and looks at some innovative methods of sustainable farming and food production as climate change intensifies. See video below for the full story, the part on FruitLook starts at 8m25s:

FruitLook newsletters from previous seasons

October 1, 2018 -  In the newsletter much useful information can be found about FruitLook and the way you can use the data layers. For your convenience, the newsletters of FruitLook 2018-19 are listed here. You can open them by clicking on the name of the respective newsletter. The newsletters of older FruitLook seasons are also accessible, just scroll down:

Newsletters of FruitLook 2017-18:

The newsletters of FruitLook 2016-17 can be found here:

The newsletters of FruitLook 2015-16 are listed here:

The newsletters of FruitLook 2014-15 are also available:

FruitLook Questionnaire Results

June 22, 2015 - Efficient management of water resources is invaluable for perseverance and future growth of the fruit and wine production industries in the Western Cape. FruitLook is seen as a valuable tool for producers and the fruit industry as a whole on the road to sustainable resource management. But does FruitLook indeed help the fruit production sector to become more water/resource efficient?

The FruitLook questionnaire has been disseminated on April 22 to investigate this question. The results show an encouraging picture. Clear benefits are indicated to be a reduction in irrigation water application and especially an increase in efficient water management by the FruitLook user. More than 60% of the respondents indicated FruitLook helped them manage their water more efficiently by at least 10%. FruitLook was deemed especially useful to detect over- or underirrigation, for the placement of soil moisture probes, the detection of drainage problems and post-seasonal evaluation of irrigation efficiency. Less value was given to FruitLook’s ability to aid in irrigation scheduling and the detection of irrigation problems like pipe-breaks. The results indicate FruitLook furthermore provides a strong asset to post seasonal evaluation of problem blocks, detection and solving in-season growth issues and gaining improved block uniformity.