FruitLook Specialist Training 18 May 2017

You are welcome to register for Thursday 18 May for our FruitLook Specialist Training on Seasonal Evaluation.

May 12, 2017 The full dataset of FruitLook 2016-17 is currently online available, describing crop growth and water use between 1 August 2016 to 30 April 2017. This brings excellent opportunties to analyse your season in detail. Why are yields in one block higher than in the other? Did you irrigate optimally? And did you do so in every part of your block? FruitLook can help you answer these questions. Within this training we will discuss the best way to approach this to make the perfect start to evaluate your production season.

The training is provided at the Main Building of the Deparment of Agriculture, Elsenburg (for directions click HERE) on Thursday 18 May. For more information or to register please contact

FruitLook 2016-17 newsletters

April 24, 2017 In the newsletter much useful information can be found about FruitLook and the way you can use the data layers. For your convenience, the newsletters of FruitLook 2016-17 are listed here. You can open them by clicking on the name of the respective newsletter.

The newsletters of olders FruitLook seasons are also accessible in this news section, just scroll down!

Regional training on FruitLook

February 22, 2017 -  Our TechCoach Jacobus Els ( / cell: 074 322 6574) will provide regional training sessions from mid-March to end of April. Jacobus will be available for training on:

15 March: Robertson @ Vinpro Offices

22 March: Worcester @ Uniwines

24 March: Ceres @ Twee Jonge Gezellen

28 March: Hermanus @ Hamilton & Russel

30/31 March: Elgin – Vyeboom -  Villiersdorp

03/04 April: Caledon – Riviersonderend

10/11 April: Citrusdal- Piketberg – Porteville

12/13 April: Clanwilliam

19/20 April: Vredendal- Lutzville – Klawer

24/25 April: Paarl - Wellington

If you have any questions about these sessions or if you have a group of ten or more people you would like to sign up, you can contact Jacobus via 074 322 6574 or send an email to

Advanced shapefile based order system

December 12, 2016 - From now on FruitLook allows you to upload a shapefile ( with multiple fields. The big advantage of this new functionality is you can order a lot of fields in one go if you have a shapefile of your fields available. You can find this option by selecting " Shapefile"  in the "Add your field"-screen. The shapefile needs to meet the following requirements to be used:

1.   The shapefile must contain POLYGONS;
2.   The shapefile needs to be saved in geographic coordinates (long, lat; WGS84; EPSG: 4326);
3.   No lines of a polygon may overlap;
4.   The shapefile cannot contain polygons with a gap in the polygon itself;
5.   The shapefile needs to be provided in ZIP format, containing at least a .shp, a .shx and a .db file; You can download the following example:
6.   The shapefile must contain the following columns (Column names must be equal to the below):
 -    FieldName:    Name the field according to your preference
 -    Crop:              The crop name must be similar to the names used on FruitLook
 -    Category:        Provide field categories according to your preference
7.   The file must be in UTF-8 encoding file to be usable.

Through this new functionality all fields will be read from the shapefile.  Subsequently you can enter/alter a name, crop and field category and select the seasons for each field. If you need help using this new functionality, please contact us via !

FruitLook Radio on Saturday 19 November 2016

November 28, 2016 FruitLook was on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG: 104 FM) on Saturday morning 19 November as part of the Landbou program. Andre Roux, (Director Sustainable Resources of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture), Caren Jarmain (Independent researcher and part of the FruitLook Team), Jacobus Els (FruitLook TechCoach), Jaco Engelbrecht (Viticulturist Visual Viticulture) and Tiaan Snyman (Soil Scientist Agrimotion).

You can listen the program again via

We have a new FruitLook team member

October 26, 2016 We are very happy to have a new fresh, young mind on board who can support our users during the implementation of FruitLook in farm management. Jacobus Els is our new Fruitlook TechCoach! In his functionality as TechCoach, Jacobus will:

- Give local support to FruitLook users via training and farm visits
- Involve our users in the further development of FruitLook
- Be the first point of contact for questions on data use

Jacobus can be contacted via or (+27) 074 322 6574.

FruitLook 2015-16 newsletters

FruitLook Movie

December 8, 2015 -  A FruitLook Movie has been created for the Dutch Trade Mission to South Africa in November 2015. FruitLook was one of the presented innovations representative for successful Dutch - South African cooperation. At the event a FruitLook Movie was on display.

The movie resembles a fly-over by the satellite and visualizes the capture of crop production during the growth season. The movie starts with a West-to-East fly-over from the northern side of Cape Town (you can see Cape Town on your bottom right) via Paarl and Worcester to De Doorns. Above De Doorns a time lapse portrays the monthly Biomass Production as captured and provided via FruitLook.

FruitLook Radio on Saturday 14 November 2015

November 12, 2015 -  FruitLook was on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG: 104 FM) on Saturday morning 14 November at 11.45 as part of the Elsenburg Forum program. You can listen the program again via this LINK.

FruitLook Questionnaire Results

June 22, 2015 - Efficient management of water resources is invaluable for perseverance and future growth of the fruit and wine production industries in the Western Cape. FruitLook is seen as a valuable tool for producers and the fruit industry as a whole on the road to sustainable resource management. But does FruitLook indeed help the fruit production sector to become more water/resource efficient?

The FruitLook questionnaire has been disseminated on April 22 to investigate this question. The results show an encouraging picture. Clear benefits are indicated to be a reduction in irrigation water application and especially an increase in efficient water management by the FruitLook user. More than 60% of the respondents indicated FruitLook helped them manage their water more efficiently by at least 10%. FruitLook was deemed especially useful to detect over- or underirrigation, for the placement of soil moisture probes, the detection of drainage problems and post-seasonal evaluation of irrigation efficiency. Less value was given to FruitLook’s ability to aid in irrigation scheduling and the detection of irrigation problems like pipe-breaks. The results indicate FruitLook furthermore provides a strong asset to post seasonal evaluation of problem blocks, detection and solving in-season growth issues and gaining improved block uniformity.

Agrimotion on FruitLook

June 2, 2015 -  FruitLook provides data information components which can help you evaluate your crop growth and improve your block resource management. Consultants can bring your data interpretation even a step further. If you want local, specialized advice on FruitLook you can consider approaching one of the consultancies listed on our Consultants page.

As new addition we welcome Agrimotion, an agricultural consultancy active in the Western Cape fruit production industry. Agrimotion's services are built on the 5 pillars Soil, Horticulture, Irrigation, Remote Sensing and Training. The application of new and relevant technology, like FruitLook, is a key component of their business. For more information on their work please visit

Prophyta on FruitLook

FruitLook provides information on various components which can help improve your farm management. If you want specialized, local advice on how to interpret the FruitLook data you can consider approaching one of the consultancy firms listed on the consultants page of the FruitLook website. These consultancy firms are proven users of FruitLook and provide advice based on the FruitLook data components within their field of specialism.

We are happy to introduce Prophyta as our first addition. Prophyta provides consultancy services on deciduous fruits, with a special focus on apples, pears and stone fruit. At FruitLook we are impressed by their interpretation of the FruitLook data and application in various disciplines in order to enhance your crop management techniques.

At FruitLook we are continuously searching for parties which have new developed applications based on the service. If you are willing to share your progress, please contact us at